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> Faringdon FUN (Frivolously Unnecessary Notices) Trail

There are a number of silly signs (or Frivolously Unnecessary Notices (FUN) as some call them), placed on a number of buildings in and around Faringdon Market Place. Over the years some of signs were lost due to being plastered or painted over, but all have now been revealed and restored. It is believed that the twelve signs were originally put up at the instigation of Lord Berners in 1935.

Not all the signs are as frivolous as you may think, and thanks to the research carried out by a certain Prof Featherstonehaugh from Oxford University, we now know what some of the signs are actually trying to tell us.

It also turns out that the signs actually form a Trail around the Market Place, roughly sketching out the shape of a giraffe’s head. If you’re interested in finding out more, then there is now a FUN Trail Pamphlet that is available free of charge from the Tourist Information Centre.  |  about  |  contact  |  terms and conditions  |  privacy  |  advertise  |  copyright © 2014