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Welcome to visitfaringdon.co.uk

This is a personal project started as a way of 'learning on the job'. Needing to progress my web skills, I thought about producing this site a few years back, but as with most things real work kept getting in the way! There is no intention to step on any Faringdon toes, in the production of this site as faringdon.org etc all do great jobs, but I felt something a bit more visual was needed.


At present work is largely print based design within the travel industry. With more options for producing web content now available, I've been giving a few things a try. This site has been produced using Adobe Muse, a more design based and less techy piece software. Moving forward I'm hoping to produce more of my own photography for use throughout the site. The project has become more involved than first planned. I'm now spending more time each week, planning, updating and promoting the website. Keeping content updated and adding new as needed (or when the flash of inspiration hits me!).





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The Artificial Grass Installer


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